Traditions Now and throughout the Year

The tree is done!
Did I tell you how much I enjoy decorating our Christmas tree?  The moment I open the boxes of ornaments, I'm flooded by memories of what our children loved when they were younger -- Babar, Celeste, My Father's Dragon, Pooh Bear, the Calico Cat and the Gingham Dog -- and

what they loved to do.


I secretly stitch throughout the year, thinking of a trio of ornaments that hopefully will be meaningful to my children.  Sometimes my husband is surprised with an ornament, too.

The Grinch, my husband's favorite Christmas  special  character

I've also made things in homage to beloved pets

Made after Boo died
and just for the heck / fun of it.

Who doesn't want candy on their tree?

Stitching ornaments is a tradition I enjoy throughout the year, culminating on the day I reveal the new ones for the year.  This year's ornaments are still under wraps ----shhh!


Michele Bilyeu said…
Beautiful! And what totally fabulous ornaments to showcase so many wonderful memories, too! Oh, I do so love the holidays!
Norma Schlager said…
I love your handmade ornaments. What cherished memories they contain.