Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blog Writing Challenge

Cheryl Sleboda announced on Facebook that she's challenging herself to blog every day during December.  Why?  Because if she can carve out the time to do it during the holidays, she felt she could develop the habit any time of the year.

Good thinking.

I've decided to take the challenge too.   I feel I've neglected my blog of late.  All evidence to the contrary, I really do love writing my blog.  Writing regularly will help build my writing skills and, I think, help me get posts out more quickly.   Every post doesn't have to be a tome; "light and fluffy", as Cheryl called it, can be good material too.  Ann Patchett wrote numerous articles observing her life and others.  Beautifully written, yes; filled with thoughtful and lovely prose, yes; a manual on brain surgery?  No.  Writing about life is more than enough.  This is what I aspire to.

And so that's what I'm going to try to do, write about art, books, photography, and whatever else might be going on in my life.  The posts won't always lengthy, and they won't always have words -- I'm allowing myself the luxury of posting just pictures.  But I'm going to try to develop a good habit of checking in with you all on a regular basis.  If I slip up, I'm not going to cry.  I'll just get back into the habit the next day.  I'll hope you'll check in regularly, too.

Want to join in?  Here's the link.

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Heather Pregger said...

We're off to a great start! 30 days to go!