Not a Total Loss

The deadline for selling my photography is fast approaching. Alas, my calendars will not be part of my inventory but my botanical print greeting cards can be.  Ah, but how to package them?  How to make them look attractive to potential buyers?  After scrolling through pages of options on the Clear Bags website, I decided to purchase a craft paper box bottom with a coordinating clear plastic lid.

I was a bit worried about the lids.  I didn't understand quite what I would be getting; one of the dimensions was the same size as that of the bottom.  How was it going to fit?

When it arrived I realized it wasn't a top.  It was a sleeve. Aha....

....and much better than my original plan.  I think plastic tops can be bendy and hard to keep in or on the box.  But the sleeve keeps everything perfectly self-contained.  And, the craft paper boxes look great.  Professional, and easy to assemble, though I did tear the first one a bit as I figured out how to transform it from a flat piece of cardboard to a three-dimensional form.

Unassembled on the left; folded into shape on the right

Yesterday I began the slow but steady assembly-line of packaging my cards.  Box bottom, sleeve,  eight cards + envelopes, and a bit of shredded craft paper.

Here's a finished product.

And here are all three sets together, sitting next to my computer.  I'll find a better way to display them on Thursday.

I also printed up a variety of stickers to put on the back of the boxes to identify the work as mine. (The background is actually white, not the ecru as it appears here.)

I have three sets of the leaf cards, three sets of the roses, and six of the assorted blossoms.  I was considering putting a different card in the front of each box to help illustrate the variety of photos.  Is that a good idea or a bad one?  Would it be better to make each set have the same "front" card to avoid confusion?  I welcome your thoughts.


Norma Schlager said…
When I made my card sets, I put a thumbnail sheet on the back of the set with a picture of each of the six cards in the set and then I placed different cards on top. Yours are beautiful!
Heather Pregger said…
Vivien, your card are beautiful and beautifully presented. Good luck with the sale!
ClearBags said…
We're glad that you're happy with the two-piece boxes. The cards look so good!