Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fashion Part III

For the most part, I loved every creation presented on the pages of the Fashion weekly planner.  Just a few had me thinking they were more for the runway than reality. Or at least, my reality.

Evening Dress, Richard Tam, 1960-65

The lines of this dress are still modern but I imagine if I'd worn this, I'd have left a trail of pink feathers in my wake.  Still there might have been someone elegant enough to wear this. 

"Flying Saucer" Dress, Issey Miyake, 1994

This dress, the name of which I think could also have been "Chinese Lantern", has me guessing how the wearer would walk or sit.  Were the bands stiff or did they give a little? Did it rustle when worn?  Perhaps I'm responding regrettably to the fact I could never wear it; alas, too curvy.  All that aside, it's totally cool and captured my imagination for sure.  

Evening dress, Yves Saint Laurent, 1969-70

Whimsical, yes --  a construction nightmare I imagine --  but I still can't see myself in this one.  I do wonder how heavy this was.  Do you think the feather neckline itched or tickled?  This one, I must confess, I think was more dramatic costume than wearable fashion.  I just can't see someone wearing this to a holiday party... 

And thus ends my brief survey of Fashion.  It was a great planner, inspiring enough that I bought a book called 100 Dresses about iconic and important fashion creations.  If you'd like, I can share some of that book with you too.  

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Norma Schlager said...

I would have loved that calendar. I often wish that I had the life style that would allow wearing of fabulous clothes like that. But I'm not sure how they would do in church or ShopRite.