Sunday, August 3, 2014

Moody California

I decided to meet up with a friend who was at the Blogher conference in San Jose while everyone in my family was busy doing other things.  We took a trip to Pt. Lobos on an uncharacteristically cloudy summer day.  The weather was downright moody, with stiff breezes followed by humidity, crashing thunderclaps followed by moments of sun.  It was an odd day and made for atmospheric pictures.

Unknown flowering ground cover that captured my eye with its color and shapes.

A grove of cypress trees bent by the wind

Plant life clinging to the sides of rugged cliffs, adding spots of color and interesting shapes

The sculptural quality of a dead tree

The sun debating as to whether or not to poke through the fog and clouds
I continue to be fascinated by the way the seasons and the weather affect the views I've seen many, many times.  I never tire of it.  Do you have a place that you love to visit over and over again?