Monday, July 26, 2010

Heading West

Piles of clothes are strewn about my room and my daughter's as we get ready for our journey West tomorrow. It's going to be fun spending time in a completely different environment, though I'm not sure how much artwork I'll be able to get done. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to get out a bit on my own and take some walks. I'll be sure to post pictures if I do.

View from Point Lobos State Park, April 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sometimes Good Things Happen While You Wait

I'm still doing a lot of waiting around, as my daughter hobbles here and there; waiting out severe weather that spoils plans to go to the pool, the one place she can go and remove her splint; waiting to get through automated prompts as I try to talk through insurance issues.

But all that would make it sound like I'm having a bad time. In fact, I've had an EXCELLENT last two days. Here's why:

- A review I submitted in January of an exhibit called Standing Ovation has been published in the Summer 2010 SAQA Journal;

- My piece, Departure, was selected for publication in the Members' Gallery of the Summer 2010 SAQA Journal;

- This same piece, Departure, was awarded an Honorable Mention at The Main Street Gallery's 2010 National Small Art Quilt Works Exhibition; and,

- Most importantly, the doctor has said that my daughter's patience with treatment has paid off; she's healing beautifully. Still lots to do over the next few months, but we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Yippee!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Planning and Waiting

I've been doing a lot of planning and waiting these last few weeks. I've been planning to get back to my artwork, but that hasn't happened as we've been doing a lot of waiting at doctors' offices, at hospitals for tests, and at home waiting for results. Thank heavens my youngest doesn't need a very gruesome surgery for a knee fracture they suspected she had because she wasn't healing as they anticipated. Her MRI did show more damage to her patellar tendon than originally thought, so there's going to be lots more waiting in physical therapy offices in the coming months.

But some of my planning is finally getting into the action phase. For months we've been planning our summer around my eldest daughter's internship. She's scheduled to start on Tuesday, out in the hills inland of Carmel, California. Among other things, she's going to be working with a biologist to set digital camera traps in wildlife corridors to see what animals are traveling where. Here's a view of just some of the area in which she'll be working; the low country is often covered by fog which rolls in from the ocean.

This program isn't large enough to include housing, so we've had to make arrangements to live out there with her -- yeah, I know; really tough! My husband will be flying out with her tomorrow and staying a week. Then a girlfriend of mine from San Francisco will be on parent duty until my youngest and I arrive on Tuesday afternoon of next week. That will mark the start of our Four and a Half Week Stay. This is going to be so cool. Hopefully there will still be time for a bit of artwork because my parents will be visiting with us after two weeks and then another girlfriend of mine will be coming -- and bringing along one of my oldest daughter's best friends. I'm so excited, despite all that must still be done. Anyone know a good physical therapist in Carmel?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's HOT!

As it is elsewhere, it's hot here. We're flirting with the heat record and I'll bet we're going to beat it. Since it's so hot outside and the temps are creeping up inside our house (the AC is out), we're doing all we can to imitate dogs down South: lying around, moving only when necessary, and panting a lot. There NO WAY I'm cooking tonight, so thank heavens for the romaine lettuce in the garden; it's salad for dinner tonight. I confess that I'm marveling my benign neglect grew such beautiful lettuce!

My youngest cut her hair to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (similar to Locks of Love, except that they'll accept 8" of hair, whereas L of L asks for 10" -- my daughter straightened her wavy/curly hair and cut off 9") and now she has the added benefit of staying cool. Her hair is so thick it looks like it came from a bunch of girls.

I'm not heading up to my studio yet -- that's in the attic, hot air rises and all that jazz -- but I did get out earlier this morning to walk the dog, do some yard work and take my picture for today. I'm pretty sure this is a pink-edged sulphur. I wasn't quick enough this morning to catch the Painted Lady with my camera; I guess I was already in my slug mode.

Now, here's hoping the HVAC man comes in the morning.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Where I've Been....

Yep, I've been gone a while and I do appreciate all your patience. This post is an update of what's been going on here that's kept me away. It rambles on a bit and I'm giving you fair warning this is a whine-y post.

To start, I had some wonky computer issues. Email distribution lists were getting truncated and messages weren't reaching their intended recipient. I couldn't attach pictures to anything. Though in my inbox, I couldn't open random emails. I couldn't access many on-line groups -- not even the SAQA website or my Yahoo groups. And, to top it all off, my sewing machine decided to take a vacation, unbeknownst to me.

You may also recall from my last post in May that my youngest daughter had a collision in gym class and had a nice hard bump at the base of her right hand. Alas, it ended up in this:

And now -- here comes the really whine-y part -- just as her hand was close to being healed, my youngest had another freak accident. (Skip this paragraph if you're squeamish.) By way of background, you have a tendon that is attached to the quadriceps muscle of your thigh on one end, covers you kneecap, and then is attached to your shin just below the knee on the other end. Somehow, my daughter managed to pull some of the tendon off at the bottom, taking a bit of the bone with it. Yech and ouch! She is now almost completely incapacitated with a full leg splint and is in pain. Poof! There goes her dream of going to sleep away camp for the first time, two weeks of biking through New Hampshire and Martha's Vineyard. There go all the other fun plans we had together. I'm just heartbroken for her. On the outside, I'm trying to keep up good spirits for her and remind her that this will, eventually, heal and all will be just fine. But on the inside, I'm a wreck; my poor little girl! Intellectually, I know this is not life threatening, but it sure stinks.

Now that that's all off my chest, I hope you can understand why I've been rather absent. From here on out, I'm going to have to do things to keep it all in perspective and to remember all the great things in my life. To that end, I can say that my computer problems have been solved and that my garden looks lovely.

Yesterday, my husband worked from home to help out. That meant my eldest daughter and I could take a little time together after her eye exam; we went to the mall, ran errands, and had such a nice time. I hate to admit it, but I had fun shopping, something I normally HATE to do. I bought a new pair of completely unnecessary shoes, a pair with high heels and sparkly bling -- very unlike me. I do have to share that I got a skinny envelope from the Main Street Gallery in Groton, NY ... and surprisingly, it included the good news that one of my pieces was juried into their 2010 National Small Art Quilt Works exhibition. Yep, very exciting! And my son golfed well enough yesterday that he qualified for a NY metropolitan Jr. PGA tournament. (I know most of you don't like golf, but this is pretty cool.)

So, you're right, my life is pretty good, and I'm just going to help my daughter along on this detour. I'm hoping that now that I'm starting to get my head (and my heart) out of my _______ and back into the game, I'll be able to post more often. Until then, here's a new piece I embellished with hand stitching to calm my nerves while my machine was AWOL. It's a resurrected piece of painted cloth I made as I experimented with triad colors. I didn't care much about it when I started -- just wanted something to occupy my hands -- but now that it's done, I kind of like it.

Circles II -- 8" x 8"