Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A New Exhibition at the KMA

Today I stopped by the Katonah Museum of Art to pick up my docent materials.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay long, but I did dash about taking a few picture of the new exhibit: OnSite Katonah.  The exhibition has eight site-specific installations that complement and speak to the museum's physical landscape, both indoors and out.  In other words, these installations appear throughout the KMA campus, which makes for a special kind of visit. 

Detail, Grimanesa Amoros, Light Between The Islands, 2013

Detail, Caleb Nussear, r~mr #1, 2016

Detail, Caleb Nussear, tall, 2016

Detail of multiple elements of Caitlin Masley, Neo-habitat (after the modernists), 2016

MaDora Fey, #6250, 2016

Visitor work in the Learning Center
Yep, totally cool!  More pictures and info to come.  If you're on social media, look out for posts with the #OnSiteKatonah hashtag.  

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th!

This tulip reminds my of the stripes on our flag
Happy Fourth of July!  I hope you have celebratory plans today.  It's gorgeous weather here today, and we're heading to a picnic this afternoon.  I'm looking forward to good company and great food.

I've also had a chance to do a bit of leisure art.  I'm happy to report I've finished one of the needlepoint Christmas ornaments for my children. Here's a sneak peek:

Not hard to guess what this one's about....
I really wanted to go to my studio, but I've been away so long that I decided my best bet was to pick up a piece I don't have a strong attachment to; in fact, I don't like it very much.  I figured I couldn't make it any worse, and I'd get some quilting practice in as well.  After a few hours, my quilting was mostly invisible and the piece hadn't improved. (Okay, it hadn't gotten worse either.)

Boring, boring, boring.  So I painted over the quilting.

Much better.... except the composition really needs to be cropped.  What do you think of this?

Personally, I like this closer cropping.  It's still not a compelling piece, but at least it's a bit more interesting.  While the paint dries I'll think about what to do next.  Any suggestions?  I feel like it needs a few splashes of orange somewhere, but I haven't figured that out yet.  If nothing else, this has already served me well as a practice piece.