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Something Totally Different Than My Usual

Our FiberArt NorthEast group is hosting an exhibition in September at the Mahopac Library gallery.  The exhibit is curated by Joyce Sullivan.

Though open to all our members, Joyce set some guidelines for participation.  All of the pieces had to be finished to 9" x 20" and mounted to a white 12" x 24" canvas.  The pieces could be either vertical or horizontal in orientation.  Each piece had to be monochromatic, using any and all hues of the selected color, but we could also use one accent color.  The main color had to be included in the title.

I just finished my piece, inspired by the work of Rex Ray, whom I've recently discovered through a duplicate book Robin wanted to find a new home for.  I find his work to be joyful and sophisticated, all at the same time.  I'm attracted to the "neatness" of his collage and the vibrant colors.  Because I'm not a natural at collage or abstract, I took a cue for some of his work and used it as a starting point for mine.

There are things about the piece which I like (the colors, my wonky piecing on the side, and the suggestion of background squares created by the lines of fabric), but there are things I wish had turned out better.  Mostly, I'm disappointed that my fusible didn't behave so well and there are sections where the fabric is fraying.  I would have preferred clean edges.  Rex's flowing shapes are much more elegant than mine; I struggled to draw one and ended up just cutting free-hand, hence some of the less than smooth curves.  It also doesn't fill the space as completely as I would have liked.  Still, I am pleased that I made an abstract collage that I'm comfortable showing to the world.  Here's Rex Ray Gray (inspired by #2754):

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The Company of Friends

It's been a busy, crazy summer with lots of comings and goings.  But I've also been blessed to have two weekends filled with the joy of being with girlfriends.  It's been great.

The warm, fuzzy feeling has been lingering and, when I sat down to quickly make a spirit flag (akin to a prayer flag and inspired by Vivika Denegre's Prayer Flag Project ) for our upcoming Fiber Arts Northeast exhibit in September, I knew just what I was thankful for: the company of friends.

What are you thankful for?

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