Monday, December 7, 2015

Searching for a Vendor

I'm going through the painful -- and expensive -- process of finding vendors for the different ways I'd like to present my photography.

For example, I was excited to create a calendar filled with leaf pictures.  I carefully selected images, spent hours on the printing site to customize my calendar, and waited two weeks.  They've now arrived and I'm dismayed.  Here's a view of the cover.


Here's the original image.

I think there are problems throughout the calendar, but let's just look at the cover.
1) The colors didn't reproduce well, despite the fact I checked the box to ensure color quality.
2) The image didn't print all the way to the edges, despite the fact that the system placed the image and that process worked on all the other pages. And,
3) I moved the title so it would appear along the calendar's edge, but the text box remained.  What? Really?

This was very disappointing and surprising, particularly since this same vendor had already beautifully printed some metal prints for me.

The lesson learned: printing vendors aren't necessarily good at all kinds of printing.   It's become very clear that I can't rely on this particular vendor to be my go-to source.  Bummer; now I know.

I'll be spending time, but hopefully not a lot of money, figuring this out in the new year.

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