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Stop Stalling

How much time can you spend vacillating between different ways to choose your next book?

It seems you can mull it over for days when you're self-isolating.  Or, at least, I can.

I'm one of the lucky ones.  My decision-making isn't that complex right now.  I have the luxury of not trying to juggle home schooling.  I have time on my hands.  So I can stand in front of my refrigerator and wonder, What's still fresh enough that might work for a meal so I don't have to make a grocery run quite yet?  I can wander around my house and think, What household project should I do next?  I can look out the window critically and say, Did I pull all the weeds from the vegetable garden?  And, apparently, I can toss and turn grappling with, How should I pick what to read next?

Lame. Lame. Lame.

No doubt you're bored reading this.  I got bored thinking about it.  It was like listening to a teenager whine in my head.  Totally annoying.  Enough already!

And so I just started.  I …

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