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I've been lucky to have already travelled quite a bit this summer.  
I first took a road trip oo Notre Dame to visit my youngest who has been doing authentic research, using a grant.  The highlight of the trip was that I brought the dog.  A snuggle with a pup always makes the most difficult tasks seems a bit less daunting.

A week later I was in London, piggybacking on my husband's business trip.  We spent one day together and then I had two days to explore on my own.  I've posted a number of pictures on social media, but here are a few that I didn't post there.

And now that I'm home, it's all art, all the time.  I've fallen into the rabbit hole of docent training research for the upcoming Sparkling Amazons exhibition.  My gosh is it fascinating!  And I continue to do work in my studio.  I sent off my piece to Houston for the A Better World exhibition and have started a new project that will be simple due to an impending (and quick) deadline.

And, there'…

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