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Some Ecodyeing

Mu studio is in the attic and I turn the heat off or down on most nights.  Yesterday, while it was heating up, I decided to play with some plant material I put in my freezer two years ago.  I wondered if I could still get any color out of any of it.

Experiment #1 included frozen red rose petals, a piece of metal I unearthed in my garden, some tea bits and acorns.  I spritzed this with vinegar before I got started.

Experiment #2 included frozen rose petals, zinnia flower heads and petals, and avocado skins + pit, tea bits and acorns.  I didn't do any pre-treatment to this cloth.

My studio may have been heated up already, but I let the bundles stew for about an hour and a half.  I flipped them every 15-20 minutes so they'd have a relatively even steam throughout.  Clearly the petals still had some color to "give".

Here's Experiment #2, after I opened it up from steaming.

And here are the two colors after I rinsed them in cold water in which I had dissolved a bit o…

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