Tuesday, May 26, 2015

'Tis the Season -- Again

Yes, it's that time of year when my daughter's school hosts the student art show.  I'm amazed at the variety -- and quality -- of expression.  Here's a view of the room, followed by close-ups of some of my favorites:

The display hall
Detail of charcoal by Marisa (Intermediate Studio Art, Major)
Graphic design by Jessica (Foundations of Studio Art)
Charcoal and graphite by Sofie (AP Studio Art Portfolio)
Ink by Morgan (Intermediate Studio Art, Minor)
Charcoal and graphite by Jeremy  (AP Studio Art Portfolio)
Graphic design by Delia (Foundations of Studio Art)

Even the sun wanted to make a display, casting beautiful colors through one of the stained glass windows onto the floor:

A very exciting -- FREE -- exhibition of art.  I'll bet you have one in your neighborhood, too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An Upcoming Exhibition

I'm thrilled to report that I will be debuting new work as part of a group exhibition with dear artist friends that will be held NEXT MONTH (!)  at Etui Fiber Arts in Larchmont, NY.

I hope you can make it.  More details on my piece for the show later....

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fun News to Share

The cover of the upcoming issue of Quilting Arts
I'm excited to report that I have an article in the June/July 2015 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine that will soon be in your mailboxes and on newsstands.   My article is based on my experience as an exhibition organizer and curator.  For a sneak peek at the contents, click here.  

Did you look?  Can you guess which article is mine?

In other exciting news, I hope you'll join members of FANE at the artists' reception for "We've Been Framed!" from 2-4 PM this Sunday, May 17th, at the Mahopac Library Gallery.  This is a great opportunity to meet and see the art of some fantastic fiber artists such as Jane Davila, Natalya Aikens, Norma Schlager, and Donna Chambers.  If you can't come to the reception, I hope you'll stop by the exhibition to see the fun and fabulous art before the close of the show.

UPDATE: I just received my copy of Quilting Arts Magazine and there's my article.  Whee!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Studio Update

Here's what's been going on in my studio:

1) I continue to write blog posts for the Katonah Museum of Art about their current exhibitions.  This week's post is about soap.   Curious? Check it out here.  

2)  I'm playing with selections from my stack of vintage blocks again.  I'm impressed that so many of them survive the washing machine and dryer, but they're a bear to iron when they emerge all wrinkly and (even more) wonky.

3)  I have a new piece hanging at the Mahopac Library Gallery as part of FANE's "We've Been Framed!" exhibition.  Each artist was tasked with finding a frame no larger than 18" wide, painting it a specific blue, and creating a piece to hang within the frame, leaving space around the edges.  I decided to piece an entire artwork with painted paper towels.  One lesson learned: all paper towels are NOT created equal.  The ply's of one private label budget brand came apart as I tried to paint the sheets.  I guess that's a good indicator that they wouldn't work well for clean ups, either.

My piece is Untitled for the show because, in my pneumonia brain haze, I forgot to submit the title information in time.  However, let me introduce you here to Splat!.  It's made with paper towels, and stitched and quilted with cotton thread.  It's shown here hanging -- not too professionally, with my apologies about the lighting -- within the frame.

Splat!, 9.5" x 12.5", © Vivien Zepf, 2015

4)  When I haven't been creating art, I've been admiring Mother Nature's handiwork.  Spring has just been gorgeous!

5)  And today is a special day: my 25th anniversary!  The years have gone by in a flash.  I'm a lucky girl.