Friday, January 27, 2017

Lunch Treat

Pecan pie -- a delicious and lovely lunchtime treat

Today I had lunch with someone I've been friends with for 15 years. We talked about our families, books we were reading, health and politics.  Yes, politics.  We don't have the same ideas about what irks us, what we're concerned about for the future, nor how we believe some issues should be resolved.  But we talked. And listened.  And considered.

I think we're lucky.

I wish everyone could have the same experience, that everyone has people in their lives who make it possible to have a healthy exchange of ideas without vilification or name-calling.  This lunch was a treat for its company and conversation.... plus the scrumptious dessert.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Year, New Plan

If you haven't guessed this already, I'm a chatty person.  Yep, I'm a talker.  But sometimes I don't blog because I don't have enough time to say all I'd like to say.  Big mistake. I miss blogging.  Desperately.

That ends now.  Today.

One of my goals for 2017 is to find time to blog, even if it's just to make a quick observation.  I'd like to reacquire my writing and recording habit.  So, I'm starting today.  I'm not waiting until the end of the month or the week to make a "clean" start.  I'm just diving in.  It may seem like the middle, but of what, I ask myself.  There's no defined time to re-engage or start something new.  The whole idea is to get started.  Otherwise it's likely a rationalization.  So, without further ado, here's what's up:

At the Museum:
I'm docent trainer again, but sharing the duties with two fabulous women who are making the process incredibly fun.  This exhibition is called "Picturing Love" and has a broad range of photographs depicting the different ways love can be defined.  I'm learning a ton and enjoying it immensely.  The opening is on March 28th.  I'll keep you posted.

In Paradise:
We had a wonderful holiday trip to the BVI to sail, snorkel and dive.  It was spectacular.  Here's a glimpse.  (If you follow me on social media, my new profile picture sporting a wetsuit is from this recent trip.)

The rocks and pristine water at the Baths
Sailing into the sunset
An octopus in the process of changing color

One of the many incredible fish we shared the ocean with.  This one is a White Spotted Filefish.
The children's Christmas ornaments this year were meant to show a favorite place.  Here's what I made for each of them:


Older daughter

Younger daughter
In the Studio:
This is the start of a gift and so, this is the last I'll say about it until it's done.

Until next time, thanks for reading.  Happy New Year!