The Heady Rush

Last night was the Scattered Books art sale event.  I set up my space with a two framed pictures and a few matted images.  (My cards were on a spinner elsewhere.) Here it is at the start of the event.

I'm excited to announce that Graphic Succulent, the purplish image on the right sold -- to a complete stranger!  Not a friend.  Not someone I've seen at other events. But someone who saw my work for the first time, looked at the piece, and thought it would make a nice gift.

8" x 8" Graphic Succulent  -- SOLD!!!
What a feeling; excitement, validation, pride, gratitude all rolled into one.


Heather Pregger said…
I love that feeling, too! Congratulations!
Norma Schlager said…
That's great! How was the photo mounted?
Maria Shell said…
It's beautiful--the color palette is amazing--of course it sold! Good for you Vivien!