Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Life and Heart are Full

Union Square in the spring
There are so many wonderful things going on in my life, I feel I'm about to bust.  

1) Work is great.  I'm learning every day (I can feel my brain dusting off neglected synapses) and I really like the people I work with.  I love working for my boss, an intelligent, dynamic woman with incredible experience who makes everyone feel like partners, not subordinates.  It seems I'm always surprised when 6:30PM comes around and I have to scramble to catch the train home.  Curious about what I'm doing?  Take a look at our website.

Capturing elongated profiles on a passing subway train as I wait on the platform
2) The KMA is great.  My geek-side continues to be happy as I do research in support of Associate Curator, Elizabeth Rooklidge's work.  I had an ah-ha moment the other day while reviewing someone's portfolio at work.  I got all excited when I spotted artwork from one of the artists I was researching contained within someone's inspiration pages.  I gave a mini-art history lesson on the spot  and that was pretty cool.

Don't forget there's still time to see the incredible Nest exhibit!

Paul Villinsky's Self Portrait on view at the KMA

3) I'm participating in Art Around Town, a community-wide art celebration organized by Northern Westchester Artists Guild.  Merchants select artwork by members of the guild and display it in their stores for a month.  I'm excited that my photography will be throughout the lovely spaces of Emmary Day Spa in Chappaqua.

Moonscape ©Vivien Zepf
One of the photos I'm hoping to display at Emmary Day Spa

4) The SPUN prospectus is up and entries are welcome!  This year the exhibition will be held at the NEST Arts Factory Gallery, a bigger venue that enables us to include more -- and larger -- work.  Check out the prospectus here.  I hope you'll consider entering.

Work by Sooo-z Mastropietro, from last year's SPUN exhibition

There's loads of great stuff happening on the family front, too.  Our oldest is graduating from Notre Dame next weekend.  She'll be home with us for about six weeks before moving to Chicago for her job.  Our son is coming home from school in CA and will be working in NYC for the summer.  With both of them home, we'll have a chaotic full house for a bit and I can't wait!

We've had lots of family fun at ND football games; I'm hoping my daughter will be able to join us from Chicago if we continue to go to the games. 

I'm off now to go back to sleep.  I've asked for the chance to nap on Mother's Day, and that's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to dream of peace and send best wishes to all the women, whether they're a relation or not, who've provided love and support in my life.