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Almost Wordless Wednesday

Merry Christmas!

Finding Balance

Chinese Art in NYC -- Exhibition Review (Subtitle: How Curatorial Decisions Affect an Exhibition)

A Bit of Fun

Almost Wordless Wednesday

An Accidental Project

Sold in Houston

I'm Back!

What will the coming week hold?


No More Caffeine

Creative Block -- A New (found) Perspective

Almost Wordless Wednesday

My Idea of a Good Gallery Director

Gallery Pricing Philosophy

Happiness with a Price Tag

Ring around the Renga

Wordless Wednesday

Lessons from the Design Wall


The Waiting Game

Signing Artwork

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Jillian Tamaki - Illustrator and Cartoonist

Sucked In

Blind Photographers

Photo du Jour

Freedom of Expression Exhibition

The Goings On

Photo du Jour

Photo du Jour