Dare I Write about THIS?

I recently spotted a post by Mindy Kaling, showing her bikini body.

I don't know about you, but I think she looks great.  In her post, she encouraged everyone who wanted to wear a bikini to wear one.

If you know me, you'll know how rare it is that I might be influenced by a celebrity.  But her message makes sense.  If I wait to have a perfect body, I'll never wear a bikini.  Admittedly, this isn't a major bucket list destination or the cure for cancer, but I always thought it would be fun to wear a bikini.  They're so colorful and heck, my stomach could use some sun.

So I bought one. (On sale, admittedly). And I mustered up the courage to wear it last week.

The Earth didn't collide with the sun. Life went on.

Okay, so I wore it at a private pool and only my husband and oldest were there.  But I wore it.  I figure that's a good milestone for a 50+ year old woman.   

Maybe next year I'll have the body confidence to wear it in public public.  No promises.

The blue bottom and the multicolored top bikini combo.  Please don't try to guess my size...


kathy loomis said…
Vivien, I have to tell you I don't like your new blog format. It definitely looks gorgeous but there's no way to read more than one post at a time without toggling back to the home page, then scrolling down to find the next one or the previous one. Is there any way to put a link or an arrow at either the top or the bottom (or preferably both) that viewers could click to go to "previous post" or "next post"? I know that sometimes I miss several posts, such as by being on vacation, and have to catch up, and it will be tedious to have to call up each one separately. And then there are people who might discover your blog and want to read a bunch of old posts and get to know you -- but will surely get sick of going back and forth long before they've read enough.
Vivien Zepf said…
Thanks for the feedback, Kathy. I hadn't considered that when I rejiggered things. I'll investigate what I can do.