Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Accidental Project

Several years ago, a friend was cleaning out an elderly relative's attic and came across a pile of quilt blocks.  No one else wanted them so she gave them to me.

Since then, they've been sitting on my fabric shelves because I wasn't quite sure what to do with them.  They're made from a great hodgepodge of fabrics, from the 1930s I believe.  Though many are stained or have cloth too delicate to repair, but I didn't have the heart to toss them.

Happily, today I had a thought about how I might use a few of the blocks, but I'm not quite ready yet to jump right in.   I picked four blocks that looked related, managed to iron them fairly flat, squared them up, and sewed them together.  Then I cut a freezer paper chair stencil -- but only after accidentally cutting a waxed paper stencil first.  Oops.  Having painted a chair and some parts on the surface, I'm now done for the evening.

My intent was just to see if I could get a reasonably flat surface out of the blocks and to see how well the fabric took paint, but the wonky piecing and eclectic fabrics have already started to grow on me.  Though not part of my original plan, I'm now going to add quilting and stitching.

Has this ever happened to you -- an accidental project?


Kristin L said...

I get distracted by new projects a lot, but I'm not sure I've stumbled onto an accidental project. I'm so glad you did though -- I really like where this is going and when I saw the photo I hoped that you would be adding stitching. I can't wait to see the finished chairs.

Natalya Aikens said...

love your accidental project! will we see more paint and some stitching?