Saturday, August 18, 2012

Signing Artwork

Do you sign the front of your artwork?  I've always thought that placing a label on the back of a quilt is a slightly clunky way to sign a piece.  I'd like to sign the front of my artwork, but I don't really like the look of my signature.  So, what to do?

I've dabbled with ways to present my initials, but it wasn't until I saw Cate Prato's Cloth, Paper, Scissors Daily post on August 8th about Creating a Stamped Signature did things finally click.  I included my middle initial and came up with this "signature".  I think it's graphic and it shouldn't be too hard to replicate either by pen or machine.  Here's a practice doodle with lots of "VJZ"s:

I think I'm going to play with this a while.  I may even create a stamp of my new signature and put that on my labels to personalize them a bit.

Do you sign your work?  If so, how?


Cindy Green said...

If I sign a piece, I do a free-motion signature in the bottom left corner. But I really like your stamped initial signature. Very unique and unexpected!

norma said...

I also like the stamp. I saw the article, too and played around with it on paper. It's a good idea.

Marti said...

I also made a stamp. It is an abbreviated version of Lew in Chinese.