Monday, August 27, 2012


A few months ago, the director of my daughter's dance company asked the girls to participate in a photo shoot with Ayodele Casel at the studio.  I'm so excited with these pictures that I hope you'll indulge me and let me share them with you. Here's my daughter in a couple of my favorite shots:

It's such a blessing to see her (literally) leaping with joy.   It's also thrilling to see her healthy, especially after her difficulties earlier in the year.  She's back in the studio after a seven week break since boot camp (pre-season training) starts today.   I'm thankful she has a passion that's also such a good activity to keep her strong.


norma said...

Absolutely amazing! From someone who can't even touch her toes, this looks impossible to me. You must be so grateful that she can do all this after her health issues earlier in the year.

Karen L R said...

Blessings indeed.
Absolutely beautiful, hope-filled and healthy.


Natalya Aikens said...

gorgeous girl! fingers crossed for a fabulous year ahead!!

Lisa Broberg Quintana said...

Fabulous shots, fabulous daughter. Here's hoping that she is done with the injuries!

Cindy Green said...

Wow! Simply Amazing! The picture of joy, health, and vitality! You go, girl!