Starting to Unwind

Vivika DeNegre taking a picture of host, Susan Brubaker Knapp, and I
before the start of my first segment, Block Metamorphosis

There was quite a whirlwind of activity in advance of my trip to Cleveland for Quilting Arts TV.  Practice. Packing. Creating more step-outs.

We filmed my segments on Thursday and I flew home on Friday.  Fortunately, my husband was able to coordinate my daughter's flight home from spring break to land within half an hour of mine.  And now we're hunkering down in what I hope will be the temporary new normal of social distancing.

I'm still reflecting on my QATV experience both on and off the set.  It's a jumble of feelings right now though I can say, without a doubt, that I'm grateful for the experience.  I learned a lot and it was so much fun.

More immediately, I'm beginning the process of social distancing.  My youngest came home from her spring break and it's an unexpected treat to have her back for (at least) a few weeks. I'll be cooking more than I anticipated, but that's hardly a burden.  Like everyone, I've recaptured hours of time due to cancelled meetings and events.  I'm hoping I fill them productively.  I've started a list of things I hope to do while we're laying low.  Two things on that list: start weeding the garden and organize at least one year's worth of pictures, deleting extras along the way.  It really needs to get done. At some point.  Maybe this is the time it will happen.

Stay healthy and safe, my friends!