I Wonder....

Today I had a virtual meeting with about 25 other ladies.  I didn't think anything of it at the time, but now I'm left to wonder....

-- how obvious was it that I hadn't put on makeup and brushed my hair?

-- does the computer camera automatically make me look 10 pounds heavier?

-- what's the optimal angle for the computer top so it's not looking up my nose or making my head look weirdly shaped?

-- what kind of lighting will make it look like I have cheekbones or, at least, not chipmunk cheeks?

-- was it really annoying for everyone else that I balanced my computer on my lap and, hence, kept bobbling a bit since I couldn't get comfortable?

These are the questions of the day.  Hardly earth-shattering to be sure, but I may need to find some answers in this time of social distancing and virtual hugs.