Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Quilt -- Complete with Holes

Every year I plant a zinnia garden from seed -- a "rainbow garden" as my youngest calls it. And every year, no matter what I do, by the end of the summer, the slugs have ravaged the leaves. They're pesky little buggers. So, I made a zinnia as my quilt for the "Neverending" exhibit, complete with holes straight through the quilt. You might notice that the flower is made with fabric I posted about here. I added little sponges of white paint to the background fabric as well. The holes in the leaves are those dark spots you see; they go straight through the quilt. I contemplated lots of different ways to make the holes; ultimately, I simply cut them out and edged them with acrylic paint so they wouldn't fray.

Neverending Appetite for My Zinnias:


Judy Alexander said...

I really love the way you have done this zinnia..... not just another pretty flower. Very creative and well done.

wlstarn said...

Have you tried escar-go? It seems to work pretty well here and I have seen slugs in my yard that are 4 or 5 inches long (eek). They decimate my hostas if I don't do something. Here's a link; no affiliation.

The quilt is pretty cool, too

Wendy in Louisiana (where the long growing season apparently applies to slugs as well)