Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Collage Mania 09

I've just sent off my picture for Virigina Spiegel's final Collage Mania. Virginia has been tireless in her efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society. For Collage Mania, all collages must contain some fiber and be finished to a size of 10" x 8" (either vertical or horizontal orientation). Pieces are then sold on May 5th at the Gold Donor Day level of $80 and at the Regular Donor level of $40 on May 6th and 7th. This is the final year for Collage Mania, but there's still time to participate! You have until the end of the day to submit a photograph of your work to Karen@KarenStiehlOsborn. Click here for all the details. And, if you can't create, perhaps you can buy a great piece of art and donate dollars to a great cause at the same time.


norma said...

What a nice piece! I like the hand stitching and the Shiva Paint stick rubbing (at least I think that's what you've done).

Judy Alexander said...

Very nice. Love the colors.

Natalya said...

lovely! i agree with Norma, the hand stitching is delicious!

Cindy Green said...

Hi Vivien!
I was checking out the other artists on the Collage Mania site and saw your name, so I visited your blog. I love your piece, it's very graceful, peaceful, and upbeat. I brought my piece to the meeting last night (didn't see you there) but never showed it - too shy, I guess! Everyone does so much abstract stuff and mine started out abstract but became very realistic. If you feel like visiting my blog, check it out & let me know what you think!