Meet Your New York SAQA Rep: ME!

That's right!  I'm the SAQA rep for the New York region as of this week. Woo hoo!

My primary goal as rep: get the region moving again.  How? Implement plans is to do some fun stuff together and build community.  Be on the lookout for a regional newsletter in the next few weeks with more details.

I hope you'll join me in reinvigorating our region.    My email inbox is always open for suggestions, comments, feedback, you name it.  You can reach me at my private email address or my official SAQA rep email address:

I'm looking forward to the fun!


Karen L R said…
Congratulations, Vivien!
Anonymous said…
Congrats Viv! Ging
Anonymous said…
Felicitationes Viv! Ging
Norma Schlager said…
Congratulations! NY has been needing a rep for a long time and I'm sure you will be a great one.