Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something New

As a result on an on-line class I'm taking with Lisa Call, I've decided to try working in a series.  It's something I've never done consciously, meaning I've never deliberately focused on one subject matter over the course of several pieces.  Hands, for example, have certainly made their way into more than one piece of my artwork, but I haven't ever said, "I wonder what I can do with hands" and just studied that.

In any event, I had so much fun creating my Whimsy piece that I've chosen to use the same chair shape as the focus of my new series.   This whole experience is such a complete departure for me and it's making my studio time lots of fun.  I don't have any expectations.  I'm hoping I'll be more process-driven, as opposed to product-driven.  Don't get me wrong: I do still want to create pieces that are good.  But perhaps I'll be better at understanding that everything can't be brilliant; that even a lackluster piece is still valuable as a lesson learned.  (Having that mindset was one of my goals for 2011, but I don't think I achieved it....maybe now I will.)

ANYWAY, here's a new addition to my Chair Series.  I worked with chiffon for the first time in my life and survived!


Kristin L said...

Nice start! The great thing about a series is that you can do one piece and what you learn from it can inform the next piece. Not that you can't do that with just about anything, but it is more direct when staying with the same theme or motif. Now that you know chiffon won't kill you, what else can you do with it?! Think of other ways to incorporate the sheerness/layers..... I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the studio time -- I wish you great fun and exploration. :-)

Sue Reno said...

I like how you've taken a static object and given it a sense of movement in this piece. I look forward to following your explorations.

norma said...

I like where this is going. I think the simple chair design has a lot of possibilities. Can't wait to see what you do next.