Thursday, April 5, 2012

I think I'm the Last One to Post About....

the SAQA/SDA Conference that was held in Philly this past weekend.  Natalya and I met up with Deborah on Friday afternoon and had a great time together.  We met lots of friends, listened to some very interesting panel discussions and lectures, and attended breathtaking and intellectually challenging exhibitions around town.  I finally saw a piece by Dorothy Caldwell and another by Jeanne Williamson -- so, so cool! I left invigorated and a bit jittery from all I'd absorbed over 48 hours.

Here's are photos of some my favorite artwork from the weekend.  There will definitely be more to come.

Detail of "More Than Just the Sum: Northern Red Oak"
Christine Hager-Braun at Art Quilt Elements

Detail of "Now Do We Know It's Night?"
Dorothy Caldwell at Snyderman-Works Gallery

Detail of "The Fence As Lace VI"
Jeanne Williamson at Snyderman-Works Gallery

Detail of "Advance and Retreat"
Karin Birch at Snyderman-Works Gallery

Close-up of "Shadow" (the red thread hangs down a bit)
Diem Chau at the Wexler Gallery

Detail of "So bitter were my feelings"
Magali Rizzo at Outside/Inside the Box

Detail of "Orange Grove"
Atticus Adams at Outside/Inside the Box

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norma said...

It looks like I missed another great adventure. Unfortunately the time does not work well with my going away for the month of March. Maybe next year.