Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Working on....

seeing beauty in a stark, blustery, cold world,

putting away the last of the Christmas ornaments,

costume alterations,

and drawing class. I'm VERY rusty and only had the last 35 minutes of class to work today (unfortunately, I had to get to class very late), so my drawing's not that great -- but here it is. Though I've loved this class tremendously, I've decided not to continue with it in the winter session in order to free up more time to create. I think this is a good choice for me right now.


Quiltin' Mama said...

Parallel lives we have at the moment, cold and blustery outside and the same things happening except for the drawing class. Never enough time to create!!
Tree has to exit the house this weekend.

Michigoose said...

Love the hands! I start on De-Christmasing tomorrow.....I usually leave most things up until Three Kings Day (Epiphany) which is today....Down it comes tomorrow, but I do have to wait for my husband to help me get the stuff into the attic. Blech.

Beena said...

Rusty or not, your drawing looks great. And even if you don't continue formally, you can still keep up with it at your own pace and learn by just doing.

I'm here in Florida, and it feels like it could snow. It has a very de-motivating effect on me! If I ever get caught up with so many things after the holidays, maybe I'll get back to creating, too!

norma said...

I'll miss seeing your new drawings. You have done so well in this class and obviously learned a lot. I hope you will do it on your own and share your progress.