Tote Tuesday

Logo by Jeanelle McCall

Virginia Spiegel is at it again -- organizing us artists to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. In a nutshell, tote bags filled with artwork and/or assorted goodies will be auctioned off and the monies donated to ACS. The kick-off date for the event is February 2nd. For more details, please visit Virginia's blog. You'll even get a sneak peek into a few of the wonderful totes that will be available.

I'm honored to be playing a small part in this effort. I'm donating a piece of art to be included in a tote called "Celebrate Life" which will be filled with artwork from seven artists. Here's a teaser of my piece called, "Daisies":


Cindy said…
i love the peek! So colorful and joyful! I'm sure it feels good to do even a small thing for a worthy cause and whoever buys it will just love it!
Beena said…
Love the sneak peek of your "daisies"! I hope you'll post a pic of the rest down the road!
Kristin L said…
Ooh, Daisies looks very intriguing.
Thank you for donating this gorgeous piece of art. "Celebrate Life" is going to be a wonderful tote!