It Refused

After getting up early from a restless night's sleep, I figured the best way to start the day was to take a walk. Off I went with the dog and my camera. I hoped to capture some early morning pictures, but my camera would have nothing to do with it. It refused to operate; I guess that 5 degrees is too cold an environment for the little fella. So I'm sending my camera balmy thoughts ... and I'm sending them to you, too.

(Taken from a beach in Placencia, Belize)


oh man....wouldn't you like to be there now! It is 15 degrees here.
Karen L R said…
I love it! Thanks for the diversion.
Beena said…
The balmy thoughts work for me! You would think living in Florida would have me tired of palm trees! Nonsense...will never happen! This pic is absolutely wonderful. Keep yourself (and your camera) warm, girl!
Michigoose said…
You are WAY too good. I've been forgoing my walks because it's been in the teens. I have enough of teens. Way too much of teens.
kanishk said…
Very cool! Are you sure you were screaming, and not meowing, barking, roaring, cawing, etc?

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