Friday, November 20, 2009

Textile Abstractions

I've got some news! I am thrilled to report that I am a member of a new art quilt challenge group called Textile Abstractions. We're an international group with members hailing from Europe, Canada, and the United States. The twelve of us will each make a 16 x 20 quilt once every two months, based on a theme one of us has selected (we're going to take turns doing that). When it's our turn, we'll post the specifics to our blog, Textile Abstractions. Throughout the work period, we may post about our progress or problems. At the end of each two month challenge, we'll post pictures of our completed art. I hope you'll stop by our blog often to see what's going on.

The other members of the group are
Bea Bernasconi
Phyllis Cullen
Marlis Egger
Barb Gardner
Gwen Goepel
Kathy Keating
Karen Loprete
Susie Monday
Dale Ann Potter
Betty Warner
Linda Zimmerman


Judy Alexander said...

Great! I will be following.

Karen L R said...

excellent! and congratulations!

norma said...

That sounds like fun. I got an error message when I went to the Abstractions link. What's you first challenge?

Natalya said...


Beena said...

I can't wait to see the pieces you make!

Susan Schrott, Artist said...


Kristin L said...

What a great group of people. I'll be keeping my eyes on you guys. :-)