Monday, November 16, 2009

A Fresh Start

Well, I worked feverishly on my friend's quilt these last few days but I don't like it at all. So, I'm tossing that one and starting over. I'll post pictures when I can, though it's a mad dash to finish before the Thanksgiving weekend (that's when the party's planned). Until then, here's a picture I took of the frost as it melted this morning. I think it's interesting that only one droplet is reflecting the sun. And yes, a neighbor drove by and had himself a good chuckle when he saw me sprawled on the ground to get a picture. Ah, what we do to follow our muse!


norma said...

Now I know where you've been hiding. That's disappointing about the quilt. I hope you get it done it time.
Great photo, again!

Beena said...

Can't wait to see the quilt you put together in record time!