Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Every Day

I'm going to try to participate in a "challenge" called Art Every Day Month. Being creative on a daily basis is a good habit to develop, but, But, BUT it's not supposed to be something that creates anxiety. It's supposed to be fun. Art Every Day Month challenges us to take the "trouble" out of making art regularly and add a good dose of fun for one month. Part of the ease of this is that there is a very loose definition of what constitutes making art. It can be an actual piece, it can be a bit of writing, it can be a photograph.... you name it and it probably qualifies.

So with that light-hearted spirit in mind (and just a few minutes to spare in my day) I played in Photoshop today and altered this photograph of a leaf pile

into a funky picture. I just love the colors here. Wouldn't it be fun to jump into a pile of purple leaves like this?

And yesterday, well, do you think helping a child with a scrapbook project for school counts? I hope so, but I'll try to do two mini-project of my own tomorrow....

P.S. Posted about three hours later -- look at this cool one I just did in the few minutes before I have to pick up my son from basketball practice. I like this one a lot! It looks better if you click on it to view it up close.


Natalya said...

very cool swirls! I'm sooo glad you joined us Vivien!

norma said...

Fun transformations! Makes me think that I should do this Art Everyday, too. Am I too late?