A Gray Day

It's been gray and rainy all day. The wind has blown most of the leaves from the trees. And so I guess it's not surprising my journal quilt is a lonely tree with one solitary leaf outlined against the gray sky. This is raw-edge applique with some free-motion quilting to secure the tree. I did have a bit of fun using a striped fabric for the tree, so there's a touch of whimsy amidst the lonely scene. I've long admired the artists who can be "freer" with their quilting, so I tried it here in the background to signify the wind and changing season. The leaf was stitched, then colored in with pencil.

I also did some messy painting today. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to use the pink metallic, but at this point, this will look best all cut up. I did learn one thing in all this: I tried to use circles cut from coffee filters as a resist -- Disaster! But they do look pretty painted, so perhaps they'll end up in something.


Danielle said…
Journal Quilting sounds interesting and the oil paintings are very unique.
Natalya said…
looks like you had fun despite a dreary day!
great way to spend a dreary day. Nothing like creating to feel good.
norma said…
Those painted coffee filters have a lot of possibilities. I'm sure you'll find a good use for them.

You need to put your picture on your profile page.
Festiva said…
Loved the background!