Thursday, April 19, 2018

More Content, if you please

Picture by Vivien Zepf
Lately, I've felt that my world is expanding.  I keep learning new things and it's so exciting.

I've decided that I'm going to share these new things with you here on my blog.  I've occasionally strayed off the art and book topics that were the primary focus of my blog in the past.   But now, I'm going to be more open-ended about what I post.  As I learn stuff, I'm going to share stuff.  It's an anything-goes mentality, though I don't anticipate exploring anything too off-color.  I don't think I'll be espousing political points of view, either.  

The spark for this "blog expansion" was a recent trip to Napa.  My husband had to attend a business conference and piggybacking on his trip was a great way to go somewhere I'd never been.  See new things.  Learn something new.  And I did, and now I can't wait to share them with you.

You can still come here for posts about art -- mine and what's on view in galleries and museums, plus my thoughts on my docent experience, along with posts on books and my photography.  But they'll also be more.  At some point soon, for example, there's going to be a post about olive oils and vinegars, based on a sampling I did while in Napa.

So, what do you think of this new plan? Are you up for the broader content?

Until next time, thanks for reading and be well.


kathy loomis said...

I say it's your blog and you should write what you want!! Otherwise, why even do it?

I'll be reading.

Anonymous said...

Most definitely ready for expanded content Viv! I know what you mean about the olive oils. To me, a good olive oil is how green should taste. I love it. Ging

Norma Schlager said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, no matter the topic, so go for it!

Sue Reno said...

I’m here for whatever content you choose to share! It’s interesting seeing the world from your viewpoint.

Karen L R said...

In a world where blogging seems to be limping along...your expanded content will be most welcome! xo