Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Bedside Table + Evening Commute

I've taken to reading for at least 15 minutes on my evening train commute. (Not in the mornings; I'm usually reading and writing emails.)  This time is a wonderful supplement to my bedtime reading ritual.  So, what have I read lately?

This charming Young Adult book asks the question "Is there true love at first sight?" And then asks the second question, "Can teens experience it?"  Finally there's the inevitable, "Does it last?"  Though I've made it sounds that way, The Sun is Also A Star is not formulaic.  There's so much more to the story than love -- prejudice, choice, siblings -- and I was sucked in and raced through it.

Lab Girl satisfies my science itch.  This is Jahren's first book, combining a look back at her childhood and the years spent conducting botanical research with chapters describing how plant-life grows and survives.  The personal sections are raw and poignant, and the "tree" chapters are fascinating and very readable.  Her enthusiasm for her subject is palpable and I'd love to hear her lecture.

Though many of us have seen the movie, "Out of Africa", Paula McLain still has a fresh story to tell about Beryl Markham in Circling the Sun.  Beryl was a woman ahead of her time, an adventurer who didn't let her sex stop her from exploring and doing all the things she wanted to do.  Her life reads like a epic -- which, of course, it was -- and I dreamed of being in Africa.

What are you reading?

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