Friday, February 3, 2017

Off the To-Do List

A while back, I showed you an old needlepoint canvas I had pulled out a drawer full of unstitched canvases. I thought it might be nice to work on something other than a Christmas ornament.

Today I dropped it off at the shop for finishing.  Somehow, I've managed to stitch this in 15-20 minute slots I've stolen here and there.

The canvas will be folded in half and then finished as an upright, 3D bunny.  (There are ears, too, but I forgot to take a picture of them.)  Hopefully it will done in time for Easter, but perhaps not; I didn't realize the deadline for finishing Easter items was on January 26th.  Ah well.

Still nice to cross this off my list; this poor canvas has been (literally) waiting years to be stitched.  Now I can also move onto other things.... like Christmas ornaments.  I discovered today that the Christmas ornament deadline is August 17th.  Egad! Who knew?

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