Monday, February 20, 2017


Our older daughter came in for a quick 24 hour visit and it was lovely.

We inhaled guacamole at lunch
We went to the American Museum of Natural History to visit the Titanosaur.  Sigh; one of my favorite places.
Can someone please remind me what trees these are from?
I can't believe the snowdrops are blooming; but then again, it was 57° today

Looking up to see cool lines and light
The cityscape reflections didn't disappoint
One of many bridges

I hope you've had a chance to enjoy family time, too.


Anonymous said...

Is it some form of a gum tree? Ging

Karen L R said...

we pruned apple trees, ate good food from the pantry and went adventuring to our "big city" (burlington!) glad you had a terrific weekend in YOUR big city! xo

Norma Schlager said...

It looks a lot like my surprise visit from my son and our day in NYC. Family fun is the best.

:Diane said...

The pod looks to be like a very old seed pod from a magnolia tree. We have gobs of them around here and the seed is very bright shiny red. Magnolia leaves are very large generally, dark glossy green on the top side and dull burnt burgundy on the back.