Saturday, January 30, 2016


I try to stop by the museum after each exhibition closes.  I'm curious about and fascinated by the work that's done.  I also love to see the museum in transition, how "raw" it looks before the new work comes in.

I stopped by this week; the SupraEnvironmental exhibition pieces were either already gone or being prepared for return.   The side panel window pane hole has been sealed.

I could identify David Brooks's core sample that had been boxed up in multiple crates and was awaiting transport.

And the coconut palm stands upright in the atrium, waiting to move on to a new home.  

Next up at the museum is a local favorite: The Young Artists exhibition.  Each year the museum hosts the work of area high schoolers who do everything from designing the announcement

Detail of artwork by Joseph Tuano, Fox Lane High School

to developing the installation plan and actually hanging the work.  It's a great experience for all the students and it's pretty amazing -- and generous -- that the museum gives them this opportunity.   Young Artists will be at the KMA from February 7-21.  

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Maria Shell said...

I have dropped off work at the Anchorage Museum and gotten the chance to go into the bowels of the museum. You are right it is fascinating! Thanks for sharing.