Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Broad Museum in LA

Eli and Edythe Broad are sharing their significant 2,000+ piece private collection with the public in their new namesake museum, The Broad Museum.  The September 20th opening exhibition will be a 250-piece approximate chronological representation of contemporary art, beginning with works by Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, and continuing through to the most recent works in their collection.  The couple decided to open their own museum, as opposed to separating and sending off their collection to various museums worldwide, to help maintain the integrity of their entire collection;   they didn't want just selections to be seen by the public.

Eli Broad spoke of collecting art in the Robb Report by saying
'“I think from the beginning, just buying art wasn’t of great interest. Collecting is really a learning experience, it’s a way one can broaden the way you can view the world. I like to say that life would be boring if I spent all my time with lawyers, accountants, and bankers.” He enjoys spending time “with contemporary artists who have a different view of what’s happening in society and the world than other people.”'

The museum stands next to the Disney Concert Hall and has an elegant facade made of white oblong openings, that's raised at the corners to welcome visitors.

Photo from the Robb Report
This lovely facade reminds me a bit of the black, lace-like exterior of the Galerie de la Mediterranee in Marseilles, France.

I'd really like to go to The Broad.  I've had the privilege of seeing another extensive private art collection -- William Louis-Dreyfus' -- and it's like getting a glimpse into someone's mind and thoughts that would otherwise be difficult to articulate.  

Road trip anyone?

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