Social Media -- And the Answer is....

First, my apologies: it seems I might have given a few of you the impression in my social media post that I was contemplating ending my blog.  I'm sorry!  I love writing my blog and will continue with it as long as I can.  Thank you for sharing that you enjoy reading it.

From the comments and emails I've received, it appears that I won't run the risk of boring you if I post my Facebook/Instagram pictures here.  And so here are three recent pictures that I posted from my gardens.  They're all square because that's the format required by Instagram.

Double-yolk daisy 

2" long cicada hawk wasp (also know as a cicada killer).  These
fascinating burrowing wasps dig nests in my yard and garden, dragging
cicadas twice their size into their nest for their larvae. They look
ferocious, but are virtually harmless to people, unless you
try to juggle them or something.

Beetle eating away at my roses -- bad, bad bugs
The question as to whether or not I will continue to post on Instagram was settled this past week as I sat shiva for a friend whose son had died of a rare pediatric brain cancer.  She said that the flower pictures I shared helped her to remember that the world might still be a beautiful place despite her grief.  I am humbled that something I had done had brought her a small measure of comfort. And I'm thankful the internet was able to help provide succor to a dear friend.  I never would have guessed this could happen.