Monday, February 4, 2013

Back to the 30s

I've returned to the stack of 1930s quilt blocks for the new piece I'm creating for Crossing the Line: Artists at Work (CLAW) about the Debt Crisis.  The Depression-era blocks seem like a good way to add emotional weight to the piece.  I also love it that I can repurpose them for this quilt.

I was looking for blocks that didn't have dark patterned fabrics.  There weren't a lot of lighter toned blocks to choose from, but I managed to find a few that would work.

They were all pretty wonky and stained:

As I got them wet and ironed the dickens out of them, they got a bit stinky. I don't really want to know why.   But cut up, reassembled, and pressed, these blocks make a pretty adorable looking quilt.

If I could keep it like this I would, but the stains are too embedded in the fabric to remove and that's not a good look for an exhibition quilt.   Still, the top looks sweet right now and I wanted to share a picture before it all disappears.  Pretty soon I'm going to be painting over the surface.  If all goes as planned,  it won't look quite so charming.

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Natalya Aikens said...

that is adorable if it wasn't for the stains. can't wait to see the painted version!