Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Easing Back In

I belong to the group FiberArt Northeast under the intrepid leadership of Jane Davila. The group often hosts challenges to spur our creative juices and back in June we set the wheels in motion for our newest challenge. Each participant pulled a partner name out of a hat, then the pair pulled a word out of a second hat. My partner, Joyce Sullivan, and I pulled the word "solitary"; our task was to create a piece that represented our chosen word. We could mutually agree on a size, but other than that, we had to work completely independent of one another.

Joyce and I agreed to make our pieces 14" x 14" and set off on our merry way. Alas, it wasn't until last Thursday afternoon that I started working on my piece, though the meeting was that evening. Despite my oldest daughter's insistence that solitary would be best represented by baking brownies and cupcakes, then taking a photo of a brownie standing alone amidst the cupcakes, I decided on a different direction .... mostly because there wasn't time to bake.

At any rate, I thought of how lonely and alone the homeless must be. I quickly made a pencil sketch, enlarged it on my copy machine, taped the sections together, then traced it. I placed the tracing paper over some white muslin and quilted over it in black rayon thread. I brought the thread sketch to the meeting, only to discover that Joyce had made a lovely piece with a lone hibiscus on a white background. Who would have guessed that we would both use white? What are the odds of that?

Today I quickly faced the piece and rubbed some charcoal on for effect. Though the piece didn't turn out to be 14 x 14, I'm pleased enough with the results to continue to pursue combining sketching, thread and charcoal. I think there might be some interesting things to discover. In the meantime, look at the group's blog to see all the pairs together; the pictures should be posted by the week's end.

On the Streets
13" x 15"


Michigoose said...

Since I've been having such a hard time with my sewing machine I really really really appreciate the control you were able to do in this thread sketch. Looking forward to further explorations.

shades said...

This is a beautiful drawing. I think you have a great new direction to pursue!

my croft said...

A while ago -- two years at least, I think, Quilting Arts magazine did a doorway chaellenge. One of the winners was a thread-sketched piece in which the batting was the top layer. Because the thread appeared and disappeared in the nap of the batt, the lines had a beautiful broken "sketchy" quality. You might wnat to look it up.

Cathleen Davidson of Color Forte said...

beautiful piece of work