Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hand -- continued

I've been getting some work in, here and there. I've been helping my youngest with the baby quilt she's making for her pregnant teacher (yep, we have to finish it by Thursday!) and I've done a bit more experimenting with my paper fabric hand. I sampled some chicken scratch stitching. I tried a combo of burgundy and brown thread together for these stitches

and some deep barn red for these.

I really didn't care for the deep red so I pulled them out. I wasn't sure about the combo stitches, either. I didn't think they made the hand "pop" enough, but they were better than the red. Overall, it needed something else. I decided to write some of my thoughts illegibly onto tracing paper, cut it to follow the contours of the hand, then adhere it with some watered down gel medium to make the paper a little wrinkly. Here's what the piece looks like now:

I kind of wish the paper extended to the edges (not much I can do about that now) and I still want to add more chicken scratch stitching, but I think it's better. Do you?


Natalya said...

I do like it! it's getting there... i like the writing and the stitching, especially since the stitching is shadow like...

norma said...

I like the chicken scratching. It adds dimension.