Monday, June 29, 2009

Are We Done Yet?

I had plans to lie in the hammock today while some gel medium dried on another piece. But alas, the two children who are at home beat me to it. But since they were so nicely occupied, I continued to play a bit play myself. First, I added some more chicken scratch stitching to my hand piece. Even though the stitching isn't that dark, I'm hoping the texture will be reminiscent of a shadow. I'm going to keep it pinned to my wall for a bit. I think it's done, but I'm not 100% sure.

Next I experimented with a tracing paper doodle I had sewn. I had torn off most of the tracing paper, keeping it only on the flower heads, and had put gel medium over it to keep it secure. After it dried, I came to realize that not all tracing paper is created equal. The one I used here isn't as opaque as others I've used and didn't make the flower heads "pop" as much as I'd hoped. I decided to paint the flowers white, but then they seemed to float in the middle of nowhere. They looked lost with just the stem outlines. I wanted the stems to be visible, but I didn't think I wanted them to look as saturated as the flowers. I liked the background and wanted it to show through as much as possible, so I filled in the stems and leaves with watered down paints. Since I couldn't decide what to do next, I figured I might as well just pillow case the thing. Now that I see it on a smaller scale -- without all the excess fabric -- I'm considering adding some magenta stitching. I'm wondering if the stems and leaves still look a bit too light. I don't really know what's next, so this is going to hang on my wall while I try to figure out what it wants to be: a more vibrant lone flower or just a hint of one. Perhaps it needs hints of other flowers in the background. Maybe it's just an experiment and there's nowhere left to go ...

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