Rainy day inspiration

While drizzly / rainy days are often great studio days, I've had a day filled with appointments and running errands, like getting the car emissions inspection complete on my husband's car. I know -- very exciting. Fortunately, I took a quick walk with the dog this morning and found a rainy day opportunity: rain drops on leaves. Pretty cool in a close-up. Now, how to translate this into a quilt? Is it even a good idea? Is it better in black and white or color? (The latter is not as crisp because it's cropped from another picture with a different focal point; I didn't think to take one of the water droplets in color - ARGH!) Is there enough contrast? How would you translate the translucency of the water? Beads seem obvious, but actually are probably too regular; the raindrops are all different sizes and shapes. Is this just one of those things that's better as a photograph? Perhaps it would be best to abstract from the inspiration. Questions, questions, questions.....


love the rain drops! and curious to see what you do in the quilt version.
now... when is our next playdate?
Beautiful photographs, Vivien! You've managed to make the rain seem much less depressing.
Thanks so much for being a regular visitor to my blog. Your comments mean so much to me. It's wonderful to feel connected, as I try to make my way in this new place. In answer to your question about the the track lights, they come from a very exclusive source -- Home Depot! They were very easy to install, and come in lots of different versions. I love 'em!