A Quick Trip

I'm just back from a quick trip -- Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon -- to the Chicago suburb of my childhood. My family and I traveled to help my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! (Wow, huh?) I knew that I was the designated party photographer, but I didn't know that I'd also come home with some interesting pictures from the jaunt to the Midwest. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sunlight and shadow on the observation deck of our local airport:

On the road with the Weiner Mobile -- Ha!

An experiment with black and white photography, mid-day sun and a succulent in my mom's garden:


Judy Alexander said…
Congrats to your parents! I actually grew up in northern IN about 100 east of Chicago and went there often to go to the museums and zoo.
Natalya said…
nice pix! love love love the airport one especially....
norma said…
That first picture looks like a quilt screaming to be made. As for the succulent, well you know how I feel about those.
great shots viv!!! wow
congratulations to your parents!! and you too.