Christmas in October?

I have a tradition to needlepoint ornaments every year for each of my children. If all goes well, I have them ready when we decorate our tree at the start of the season. Well, I've just completed this year's ornaments in time to send them off for finishing. Yep, that's what I've been doing -- needlepointing, as opposed to quilting. I'm posting just little tidbits of each of the ornaments, just in case my children decide to check out my blog; the ornaments are supposed to be a surprise. Each of these was stitched entirely with metallic thread, save for just a spot in some holly leaves; I used embroidery floss there. The metallic is harder to stitch with, but the glitter and shine sure look lovely on the tree. It will be back to quilting tomorrow, now that these are done!


these look very interesting.. what does finishing mean?
Vivien Zepf said…
Finishing means I send the canvas off to someone more adept than I who will put a backing, edging, and hanger onto the ornament -- sort of like a pillowcase finish. I simply can't do it with the needlepoint canvas; it's beyond me.
What a beautiful and deeply meaningful tradition you have established for your children, their children and.....