New Artwork

I've got gardens on the brain.  Greens, dirt browns, citron yellows, and vines everywhere.  Maybe it's indicative of all the weeds I've been pulling. Anyway, it's all coming out in new artwork.   Seen from the reverse, my most recent piece is a puzzle of lines and seams.

I don't know what happened.  I intended to sew simple, organic, allover quilting for the background.  I ended up with vines and teeny tiny leaves going all over the place.  I don't remember consciously making the choice to do this.  It just happened.  Has this ever happened to you?

The finished piece, "In the Shade of the Trees", features a South Island Robin.  I used a picture I had taken while in New Zealand at Christmas time.

The piece had been stewing in my brain a while and I'm glad to get it out of my head.  Now, perhaps, I can finish the quilt that's been on the design wall for about a year. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said…
I love this one! Gorgeous Viv. xoxo Ginghams