Prepping to Travel

This is sort of a funky time to be planning a trip but I am.  I'll be driving with my youngest to Indiana to help her clear out her dorm room.

Maybe this will be the trip to pull out the old atlas

Today we're packing the usual salty and sweet snacks.  We're making sure all the ice packs are frozen.  But we're also wondering, will any of the rest stops be open along the way?  The DOT website isn't clear on that point.  There's mention that states should keep rest stops open for truckers in order to support the economy, but there's no mention of being open and tended to for citizen travelers.    Will hotels let us use their lobby restrooms?  We're doing a bit of planning just in case things aren't open, but I'd really rather not have to use two car doors and a towel as a toilet stall.

I'm looking forward to the likelihood that we won't encounter any traffic jams.  But what about the speed limit?  Do you think the police will be out in force to catch someone taking advantage of the really open roads?

Being from New York, we'll be decked out in masks and gloves, but I've heard that citizens in lots of other states aren't following the same protocols on that front.   Will people look at us like we're weird or have fallen for a hoax?

It's going to be an interesting road trip for sure.


Maria Shell said…
In Anchorage, most people where masks, but from recent conversations, I have come to realize that not only are people in rural Alaska not wearing masks, they are ridiculing those who do! Such strange times. Safe travels Vivien!
Norma Schlager said…
Good luck with the trip. At one point we considered driving home from Florida in March, with all of the same risks, but luckily we were able to change our flight and fly home, also scary.