Birds of Winter

This week I decided to try to develop a new habit.  When I let the dog out in the mornings, I'm going to be taking along my good camera.  I'm hoping to get pictures of the birds that grace our yard and garden.  I'm also hoping to improve my camera skills.  The birds flit about so quickly that this exercise will require me to focus quickly and work on holding still, especially since I have my lens extended as far as possible.

With any luck, I'll get a bit better.   I figure I can track my progress here.  I've taken a few pictures I like already, such as this one of a goldfinch. I've never noticed them hanging upside down to eat from our hemlock pine cones.

I like this picture of a dark-eyed junco as it hops about the yard.  I had no idea there was such variety of color in their feathers.  

I spied this blue jay at the edge of our yard this morning.  I'm always amazed these brightly colored birds somehow blend into their environment.  I'm more likely to know they're around by their loud squawks, as opposed to their color.

He didn't stay for long.